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Secure Browser Tool (SBT)

Data breaches are a reality. However, did you know that many breaches happen inadvertently from within a company? A simple internet search could expose your entire IT system to harm. To combat this, we designed a customized secure browser tool. Below is a brief about a few of its major features.


One major feature of the SMT is that it has an internal web browser control mechanism. This prevents unauthorized access to a computer’s vital information (i.e., registry, files, etc.). This lockdown feature assists businesses in protecting customer and business information that can result in significant losses.


The SBT Tool also protect your business from within. Accidental or intended employee breaches are hindered by the SBT tool by deactivating quick functions that result in problems. The following features are part of the SBT tool:

  • Full screen mode (without any navigation elements) is deactivated
  • Cut, Copy, Paste functionality disabled
  • Print screen disabled
  • Escape button disabled
  • Window key (Any combinations with window key)
  • Function Keys (Any combinations with function keys)
  • Right click button on keyboard and mouse disabled
  • Easy installation and deployment


The SBT Tool also functions well when providing employee or student exams due to the following features:

  • Prevents users and students from surfing the internet during an exam
  • SBT 1.1 provides a more reliable and stable Windows installer and a better configuration tool
  • Web browser-environment to carry out online-exams safely


Auditing/Verification Utility

Reliable auditing and verification is a requirement for businesses that wish to track and ensure that their data is not compromised. Currently, Maestro has designed an audit/verification software tool that is being utilized for the largest testing network in India. Nevertheless, our tool is customizable and able to accommodate a variety of industries.

Forex Management

In the fast pace world of Forex, businesses have unique needs that are time critical. Hence, we designed specialized software that streamlines processes, thus saving Forex organizations time and money. Our software works in accord with government standards and regulations so that businesses can rest assured that they are in full compliance. This tool can generate full reports of:

  • Expenses
  • Purchases
  • Sales
  • Specialized information

Maestro's Forex Management software even generates documents that are required by the RBI (Reserve Bank of India) and is optimized for income tax auditing reports.