Here a short selection of some of our clients


NSE.IT operates the most extensive network of Online Test Centers in India. Since 2012, we have assisted NSE.IT by creating customized tools for their testing and IT requirements. One such tool, is an Auditing/Verification Utility. With it NSE.IT has been able to vastly improve the authenticity and reliability of its testing environment.

B&H Colour Change

B&H Colour Change continues to astound its customers with smart coloring technologies. To date the organization has won 3 DTI Smart Awards. Yet, one of the smartest decisions B&H made was to partner with Maestro Solutions to improve its website’s e-commerce. We immediately answered the call by integrating tools that streamline workflow processes for B&H. Our workflow processes aid production by verifying design requirements, confirming with the designer, and alerting QA members of the order. Meanwhile the e-commerce updates allow distributors to register, browse product listings, complete order forms, and track their order history.

Jonathan Mantle & Associates

Jonathan Mantle has books that are recognized in 30 countries and have been translated into 16 languages to date. His company focuses on producing multi-media in print, digital, and web. Maestro has enjoyed the privilege of assisting Jonathan Mantle & Associates with a multiple IT related needs that they have faced over the years. We find it quite invigorating to aid them in their creation of learning programs that reach business, educational, and cultural audiences.


As a non-profit charity, Sujico-Mumbai engages in lofty goals that preserves and progresses the cultural values of the Gujarati speaking Hindu Koli Community of Surat Jilla of Gujarat. However, aligning these projects with the 21st century is quite a challenge. Hence, they have partnered with us to receive IT, web tools, and technical assistance to reach their goals. With Maestro’s assistance SUJICO-Mumbai is seeking to provide students of its community with educational tools including school tuition assistance, notebooks, and monetary awards for scholarly excellence.

Al-Irfan Forex Pvt. Ltd

When Al-Irfan Forex desired a customized solution for their business, we answered the call. To accommodate their needs, we designed a forex software tool (ForexPro-RMCW) that features multiple services including currency transactions, money transfers (via Western Union), a wide array of reports generation modules, service tax calculations (that are in compliance with the Service Tax Act), and account registers. This product executes detailed forex activities flawlessly, yet it is an extremely light software package that will not slow down pc systems.